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Preschool You Can Feel Good About

At Desert Wonders, we are about much more than “watching kids” or even simply teaching them skills. Our mission is to inspire a passion for learning and growth that will help children succeed well into the future.

Our Philosophy

A child’s early years set the foundation for the grown-ups they will one day become.
You’re not paying us to sit your kids in front of the TV. We know you work hard to give your child the best start in life. And that’s what we want too. We will provide love and comfort, learning and discovery. Through the power of play, arts and crafts, and a culture of independence, we will help your child flourish.

  • We want to help kids grow up with a desire to better the world.
  • We believe in play and fun.
  • We  let kids get messy because it’s good for learning, and, well, just because.
  • We want kids to believe in magic and themselves.
  • We want to help children engage in the world around them. We want them to build the character and the confidence to make it a better place.


Our Programs

Desert Wonders Preschool offers both full-time and part-time programs for children between the ages of two and five years old. Both are offered year round.

Our prices include all fees for a nutritious lunch, art materials, and monthly on-site Music Together lessons with a professional music teacher and storyteller. >>More on programs and pricing

*Ask about our military discount and more.